Jane Perkins’ Plastic Classic

Jane Perkins is a ‘re-maker’, taking inspiration from found objects and transforming them into something new.Perkins05 Perkins07 Perkins06

UK-based artist Jane Perkins worked for 17 years as a nurse and spent another 10 years as a stay at home mom. She took a degree in textiles at Somerset College of Arts and Technology, graduating with a First in 2006. During the course, she particularly enjoyed the recycling projects and  made recycling the focus of her final year. Although her background is in textiles, she now works predominantly with plastic.screen-shot-2012-11-17-at-00-12-20 perkinsfoundobj11 Perkins08

The collage idea came to her while making brooches. Jane Perkins had collected lots of materials which were too big to be used. The idea of making them into a portrait just came into her head and she started by copying a famous Matisse portrait.

I love art with an element of fun and the unexpected, and hope my work will make you smile!Perkins04 Perkins03 Perkins02

Re-interpreting work by previous artists is nothing new. But what sets Jane Perkins apart is the materials she uses in creating her masterpieces.  Her “art suppliers” are charity shops, boot sales and recycling centers. She also gets donations of materials from friends and neighbors.

Perkins01 masterpieces-recreated-found-objects-jane-perkins-7Perkins.Jane.JubIn 2010, she started making her Plastic Classics series, re-interpreting famous artworks using this technique. Jane Perkins uses any materials she can find of the right size and shape; plastic toys, beads, buttons, shells, anything you can think about. No color is added – all materials are used exactly as found.liberty JanePerkinsMarilynJanePerkinsNicholasHillardJane Perkins _ buttons art

After deciding on what image she is going to create, Jane Perkins starts looking for items to match the colors she needs. She then uses a glue gun initially, so that she can pull things off and move them. When she’s happy with the final result, the artist paints the whole work with a layer of diluted PVA glue. She usually works on a piece over about 3 weeks. JanePerkinsMonaLisa Jane-Perkins-girl-580x580Jane Perkins _ buttons art Jane Perkins _ buttons art 03

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