The Digital Art of George Grie

g9George Grie is a Russian – Canadian artist, one of the first digital surrealism artists, known for his 3D, 2D and matte paintings. His works render dream-like worlds, a merger between the reality and subconscious, emotions and philosophical thoughts. They are mental puzzles of supernatural illusions or even delusional trances that invite the viewers to a journey through inner thoughts their symbolisms.  His images, neither conventional, nor comfortable, create states of controversy between the tension and the tranquility brought. Thus creating the impression of abstract or meaningless, but hidden beneath all of the different layers of his works, George Grie’s work is something that needs discovering.

g8 g7Born in 1962, during the Soviet regime, he graduated with a BA degree in Fine Arts and Applied Design. The artist likes surrealists Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali, fantastic realist such as Zdzislaw Beksinski and Wojciech Siudmak, also surreal photo manipulator Jerry Uelsmann who had heavily influenced his style. With such influences, it is evident that George Grie strayed from the get go of his professional career, the traditional, political altered art styles bounded by the Soviet Union, choosing the innovative neo-surrealism path instead.

g6 g5Later on in his life, once settled in Toronto, Canada, George Grie saw the opportunity for a major change in his life and art style. He studied the latest digital art techniques and became more and more interested in this new path offered. For George Grie it was the beginning of a new phase, a complete freedom of self-expression; it gave him the possibility to combine his classical painting experience with the new digital medium.

g4 g3 g2 g1George Grie’s paintings exhibit strong and powerful images that capture visual paradoxes. They depict contemplative moments, solitude and melancholy that encourage introspection and self-observation. He does not force the comprehension of his works, leaving it up to viewer’s knowledge and world perception, George Grie only giving hints through the titles of his compositions. Overall, a well-rounded artist that embraced the digital era and managed to create through it impressive works that awes the beholder.

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