Daniel Ilinca’s Conceptual Glamour Photography

Daniel Ilinca took Fantasy, Nude, Surrealism, Fashion, Glamour and Boudoir, mixed them up, added his amazing Photoshop skills and developed his own unique style of photography, which can be described as conceptual glamour.Wise-Guys-by-idaniphotography Twisted-Stories-I-by-idaniphotographyTwisted-Stories-II-by-idaniphotography That-Silky-Feeling-by-idaniphotography Sextape-by-idaniphotography

Born in 1976 in Râmnicu Vâlcea, this Romanian artist was planning to become an accountant. But between his economics classes he always found time for his hobby: photography. Ever since he was 13, Daniel Ilinca remembers walking around his hometown with his very old analog camera.Phoenix-Rising-by-idaniphotography Ophelia-by-idaniphotography Nessie-idaniphotography Naked-State-Of-Mind-by-idaniphotography Immaculate-idaniphotography

Even as an adult, this stunning artist couldn’t stay away from his passion. In 2007 he took up professional photography, mainly studio work for a commercial use. I-know-what-you-did-last-summer-by-idaniphotography Good-Shepherd-II-idaniphotography Good-Night-Moon-by-idaniphotography Ghost-by-idaniphotography Full-Moon-idaniphotography

Daniel Ilinca says he loves working with people, so he has always preferred taking pictures of real persons, rather than landscaped or architecture.Eureka-by-idaniphotography Do-you-count-the-stars-at-night-by-idaniphotography Do-not-touch-by-idaniphotography Dismantling-Nun-part-III-by-idaniphotography Děnghòu-by-idaniphotography

Daniel Ilinca’s creative process is really time consuming. The work the artist invests in each photograph takes up from two to five hours. He’d rather make an extra effort to capture the perfect image than overuse Photoshop. Saying he likes to keep his editing to a minimum, Daniel Ilinca relies most on his great talent, as he is a self-taught photographer.Curiosity-Killed-The-Cat-I-by-idaniphotography Birth-Of-An-Angel-idaniphotography Animus-idaniphotography 1921215_10152260047460342_854617151_o 1921113_10152248614990342_832081642_o

Still, he gives the proper credit to his state of the art equipment, which Daniel Ilinca earned in the many photography contests he has won. Receiving two gold medals in the Trierenberg Super Circuit in 2011, he was featured in Britain’s Digital Photography magazine and Poland’s Foto Kurier. 1620560_10152209931140342_1660578149_n 1452453_10152243086250342_1776353381_n 577501_10151972492830342_78511194_n 030-creative-photography-daniel-ilinca 028-creative-photography-daniel-ilinca

Besides photography, Daniel Ilinca is also interested in high end retouching, video production, 3D modeling and design; he is even available for workshops.026-creative-photography-daniel-ilinca 016-creative-photography-daniel-ilinca024-creative-photography-daniel-ilinca 013-creative-photography-daniel-ilinca 011-creative-photography-daniel-ilinca

Not only does he have a one-of-a-kind imagination and talent, but also a lot of courage; Daniel Ilinca takes risks in his photographs. Either if it’s surreal surroundings featuring a beautiful woman, mind-blowing portraits, reinterpretations of famous characters, or creative scenarios that makes you curious about the story behind the images, his art always takes us far away from reality, into a magical, fantasy world.010-creative-photography-daniel-ilinca 009-creative-photography-daniel-ilinca 007-creative-photography-daniel-ilinca 006-creative-photography-daniel-ilinca 005-creative-photography-daniel-ilinca

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