Barry Leighton-Jones

Barry Leighton-Jones is a British painter who descends from the Victorian artist and President of the Royal Academy, Lord Frederic Leighton. Born in 1932, the artist is worldwide renowned because of his remarkable activity developed over the years and one of the greatest personalities the world of art has ever revealed.

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Artist’s career goes way back, Barry Leighton-Jones won a major art competition at the age of only 5 years old. He took academic classes at Sidcup and Brighton for seven years and was tutored by John Minton – an amazing English artist and illustrator. A real step forward in his career was the moment he was asked by Kelly Estate to paint a series of pictures based on the life and work of Emmett Kelly, the famous American clown. Barry Leighton-Jones made an elaborated research about the character: studied Kelly’s career on film, read everything about him, went through black and white series of photography that revealed his live and even visited the Ringling Museum in Sarasota. The “The Emmett Kelly Collection” was speechless.

Throughout his entire career, Berry Leighton-Jones completed many series of paintings in different styles. The combination of classical and modern, impressionistic backgrounds with realistic exposure of human, made his works prestigious and outstanding, selling even limited edition prints and figurines. Among his works numerous works one can count: “The Gone With the Wind Collection”, “The Wizard of Oz Collection”, as well as a number of portraits and collages of celebrities, including Albert Einstein, John Lennon and Princess Diana.

Barry_LeightonJones_Untiitled clown images leightonjones_31078_1411399Barry Leighton-Jones passed out in 2011 but his paintings of inestimable beauty are still best sellers, their price being in continuous ascension. For collectors and fans, possessing a Leighton-Jones masterpiece means the world. Its everlasting light will shine forever and ever when everything else seems to fade away. Each Barry Leighton-Jones’ work radiates that certain energy that makes everyone fall into adulation just by gazing upon it.

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